OpenBSD 5.6 theme song

A heads up on Undeadly is that the new theme song for OpenBSD 5.6 has been released. It is a story on how far things have to get with a project before the only solution is to fork it and take it in a different direction.  Two recent issues in the project were that of… Read More »

BASH Exploit and Updates

Although not in -base of the BSDs, BASH is usually the first thing that is installed by people migrating to BSD from various Linux distributions, to provide them with an environment that they are familiar with. A high rated, remote exploitable issue (CVE-2014-6271) has been found with the Borne Again SHell (BASH) that can leave… Read More »

FreeBSD 10.1-BETA2 Now Available

FreeBSD developer, Glen Barber has just announced on the FreeBSD mailing list that FreeBSD 10.1-BETA2 has just been released for your testing consumption. Don’t forget to use your closest mirror to get your copy.

FreeBSD 10.1-BETA1 Now Available

Just announced via the the FreeBSD mail list is that FreeBSD 10.1-BETA1 is now available for download.  Further information on how to upgrade can be found on the announcement page and as per usual, if you notice problems during your testing, please report them through the Bugzilla PR tool or via the -stable mailing list.

FreeBSD Security Advisory – 14:18.openssl

The FreeBSD Security Team have just released an advisory and patches for multiple vulnerabilities in OpenSSL. This covers the following CVEs: CVE-2014-3506 CVE-2014-3507 CVE-2014-3508 CVE-2014-3510 CVE-2014-3509 CVE-2014-3511 CVE-2014-3512 CVE-2014-5139 As always, please refer to the official post, patch accordingly and as soon as possible.

Ted’s take on OpenBSD version numbers

Ted Unangst has just written a post about the history of OpenBSD version numbers.  There is some interesting information on the version sequencing of -releases and ports even down to the that Kernel ‘build number’ ( #<num> ). Even if you have been around the project for a long time, this post is a great walk… Read More »

MC Hammer Time

Yes, a lame intro with a throw back to the very very early nineties, but that is what I think Allan and Kris had in store for Episode 53 of BSDNow.TV.  In this weeks episode, the guys went over what the NetBSD folks did at the recent Open Source Conference of 2014, introduced the new version and features… Read More »

BSD August 2014 – Out Now

The latest edition of BSD MAG has just hit the shelves, with some excellent topics covered in this months edition.

Reverse Takeover

Episode 52 of BSDNow.TV is now out.  This weeks episode, Allan and Kris run through the FreeBSD Foundation August update, run through the removal of BIND from base of FreeBSD and replaced it with NSD as an authoritative nameserver.  Along with that news, they continued with OpenBSD’s recent move in the removal of BIND as well from their base and… Read More »

Nginx Removed From OpenBSD Base

OpenBSD developer Robert Nagy has just committed the removal of Nginx from base.  This is to make room for the OpenBSD produced httpd(8) web server that will provide the essentials for serving up web content without the overhead of a full-blown web server. The new web server was born from the relayd(8) project and its… Read More »