vmm(4) now enabled in OpenBSD

By | 14 October, 2016

The long awaited OpenBSD native hypervisor, vmm(4), has been enabled in the OpenBSD -current branch.  This will see OpenBSD 6.1 come with virtualisation out of the box to support OpenBSD guests.  While the technology has been built in to the OpenBSD -base since 5.9, this is the first time that the option has been turned on for default installations.

Current requirements are, at minimum, an Intel Nehalem or later processor (AMD is currently not supported), and virtualisation enabled in the hosts BIOS.

For some, this will provide a secure and durable path for virtualisation of firewall and multi-tier workloads that have been avoided due to the insecure and black box nature of other hypervisors while still maintaining a small and maintainable base system.