By | 19 August, 2014

A new fork of FreeBSD has appeared on the scene called HardenedBSD.  The project aims to provide security enhancements to the FreeBSD operating system and where possible, push those enhancements upstream where possible to do so.

The project has a hint of Trusted Solaris roots that provided further security enhancements to the base operating system.  The enhancements paved the way for the introduction of these security features across a number of different operating systems that we all use today.

The HardenedBSD project was started in 2014 by Oliver Pinter and Shawn Webb with the latest build of their project being released on 17 August 2014 specifically focusing on Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR).  The holding page for the project is still quite sparse, with little information provided on what their detailed goals are.  Their code base is hosted out of GitHub and would be the best place to visit if you wish to see what work is in progress.