Limited edition OpenBSD 6.0 CD set

At the recent OpenBSD hackerthon, all 40 developers that attended signed 5 CD sets for auction via eBay to help raise money for the OpenBSD Foundation.  Set 5 of 5 is now up for auction meaning this is your last chance to get a piece of history as there will be no more official physical… Read More »

vmm(4) now enabled in OpenBSD

The long awaited OpenBSD native hypervisor, vmm(4), has been enabled in the OpenBSD -current branch.  This will see OpenBSD 6.1 come with virtualisation out of the box to support OpenBSD guests.  While the technology has been built in to the OpenBSD -base since 5.9, this is the first time that the option has been turned… Read More »

FreeBSD 11.0 Released

The long awaited FreeBSD 11.0 series has been released.  This is the first release to see a different and easier to understand support structure and predictable support time line.  The 11.x series will be supported until October 2021.

Largest single donation to FreeBSD Foundation

The FreeBSD Foundation have announced on their G+ page that they have just received their largest, single donation in the 14 year history of the FreeBSD foundation. Jan Koum, CEO and Co-Founder of WhatsApp has just made a donation of $1,000,000 to the foundation. This donation has exceeded the funding goal for 2014, almost doubling… Read More »

PC-BSD Roles Installation Experience

PC-BSD is seeking feedback on the new ‘Roles’ experience that they plan to use in future PC-BSD releases.  This will provide a more flexible and focused package installation for your system so you can specifically setup workstations or laptops, depending on the type of workload they have. The project needs your input to help define… Read More »

Travel Grant Applications for MeetBSD California 2014

Just a reminder that travel grant applications for MeetBSD in California this year, must be in to the FreeBSD foundation by 20 October 2014. You will need to fill out and submit the Travel Grant Request Application. For more information, check out the post on the FreeBSD Foundation website.

FreeBSD 10.1-RC1 Now Available

FreeBSD developer, Glen Barber has just announced on the FreeBSD mailing list that FreeBSD 10.1-RC1 has just been released for your testing consumption. Don’t forget to use your closest mirror to get your copy.

OpenBSD 5.6 Pre-Orders Up

It is that time of the year again when OpenBSD fans have their cash out ready to buy the next release of OpenBSD, supporting the project financially. With the OpenBSD 5.6 release will see the end of distribution through the Computer Shop of Calgary, replaced by the new distributor Zednax through the portal OpenBSD Store… Read More »