Largest single donation to FreeBSD Foundation

The FreeBSD Foundation have announced on their G+ page that they have just received their largest, single donation in the 14 year history of the FreeBSD foundation.

Jan Koum, CEO and Co-Founder of WhatsApp has just made a donation of $1,000,000 to the foundation.

This donation has exceeded the funding goal for 2014, almost doubling the funds raised for the period.  The foundation team is now determining how to best use this gift to serve the FreeBSD community.


PC-BSD Roles Installation Experience

PC-BSD is seeking feedback on the new ‘Roles’ experience that they plan to use in future PC-BSD releases.  This will provide a more flexible and focused package installation for your system so you can specifically setup workstations or laptops, depending on the type of workload they have.

The project needs your input to help define what roles are important to you, the user and what packages you’d like to see as part of these roles.

OpenBSD 5.6 Pre-Orders Up

It is that time of the year again when OpenBSD fans have their cash out ready to buy the next release of OpenBSD, supporting the project financially.

With the OpenBSD 5.6 release will see the end of distribution through the Computer Shop of Calgary, replaced by the new distributor Zednax through the portal OpenBSD Store still selling and shipping worldwide.

The order page is up and ready, so please continue your support for the OpenBSD project and buy your copy today. Continue reading OpenBSD 5.6 Pre-Orders Up

OpenBSD 5.6 theme song

A heads up on Undeadly is that the new theme song for OpenBSD 5.6 has been released.

It is a story on how far things have to get with a project before the only solution is to fork it and take it in a different direction.  Two recent issues in the project were that of OpenSSL which lead to the creation of LibreSSL and with Nginx having more and more features stuffed into it, it was time for the project to roll out the new httpd daemon, based on relayd, to replace it.

You can download the MP3 to listen to the new song or better still, purchase the release and listen to it on cd2, track 2.

BASH Exploit and Updates

Although not in -base of the BSDs, BASH is usually the first thing that is installed by people migrating to BSD from various Linux distributions, to provide them with an environment that they are familiar with.

A high rated, remote exploitable issue (CVE-2014-6271) has been found with the Borne Again SHell (BASH) that can leave servers open to compromise if used extensively in features provided by the Apache HTTP server or OpenSSH.   To remediate, it is recommended to patch BASH as soon as possible.  As BASH doesn’t have dependencies like OpenSSL, it is far easier to patch, with minimal impact to services or users. Continue reading BASH Exploit and Updates